Change Management & Communications

When faced with change in the workplace, employee buy-in is not always a foregone conclusion. To balance the desired project outcomes with the needs of the workforce takes nuanced planning and attention to detail. It demands the ability to suspend preconceived attitudes and beliefs.

We take on the planning, research and implementation that will ensure a change management program is well-received by all. We align ourselves with both employee and project goals, to carefully build a customized Change Management plan, tailored to your specific culture and organization.

Through careful study and analysis of a client’s existing corporate culture, we devise a holistic Change Management program that reconciles business realities and employee needs. Every step of the process is designed to ensure employee engagement and buy-in, so when the time comes to actually implement change, the process is seamless and without challenge.

Selected Scope of Work:

  • Evaluate and understand the scope of change, and framework of change
  • Meet with key stakeholder groups to ensure alignment and a centralized Change Planning process
    − Human Resources
    − Communications/Public Relations
    − Business Unit Leaders
    − Senior Leadership
  • Organize and manage the User Engagement process
    − Focus Group participation
    − Interviews
    − Surveys
    − Site Visits/Mock-up
  • Develop a Change Management and Communications timeline
  • Coordinate the integration of the timeline into the overall project timeline and activities
  • Coordinate with the design team to ensure the design principles and intent is folded into the framework of the Change Management plan
  • Develop, manage, and execute the Change Implementation Program
  • Manage the end-user communication process
  • Develop and implement a Move Ambassador Program