Relocation Management

Relocating a company from one location to another involves a multitude of distractions and challenges that can easily derail even the most focused professionals. The sheer volume of detail and information that must be tracked is simply overwhelming when planning and executing a successful relocation.

Our experience managing and coordinating the array of vendors and providers involved in a relocation – construction, furniture, IT/AV, telephony, building maintenance, and so on – means our clients never have to worry about losing sight of their true business objectives.

We place an uncommon emphasis on adopting client goals and understanding the stress and apprehension that are common to corporate relocations. We plan a relocation strategy that marries the conflicting requirements of business continuity and a defect-free relocation, allowing employees to leave the existing location one day, and start anew the next.

Selected Scope of Work:

  • Meeting coordination and administration
  • A/D team coordination
  • Construction team coordination
  • Budget, schedule and cost control management
  • RFP process management and leveling
  • From/To planning
  • Swing space management and planning
  • Relocation communications
  • Purge/packing management
  • Welcome guides/desk drops
  • Move-day support