Rebecca Humphrey

Founder and Managing Principal

Rebecca established Focal Point Project Management with the goal of allowing clients to remain focused on what matters – business continuity and success. She and her team achieve this by limiting the number of concurrent client engagements and becoming completely ensconced in a client’s business.

Never one to tentatively dip her toe into a project, Rebecca is the ultimate client cheerleader who rallies those around her to maintain an unwavering focus on project success. Her ability to create and maintain order from chaos has earned her consistent client praise. A broad thinker who is able to simultaneously see far down the road of a project without losing sight of its innumerable details has earned her respect from her colleagues.

Before Focal Point, Rebecca was vice president at Macro Consultants, where she held a variety of responsibilities, including operational management, business development, client satisfaction and project management. Her input and guidance was instrumental in the company’s growth, as she devised most of the firm’s policies and procedures, as well as recruited and built much of its current project team structure.

She was instrumental in a number of the firm’s largest projects including the ground-up construction of Comcast’s corporate headquarters in Philadelphia; the build-out and relocation of Comcast’s New York base of operations; and the establishment of national procurement programs for Comcast. Rebecca has leveraged her talents on behalf of Duff & Phelps, Bankstreet College of Education, J. Crew, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and Tiffany & Co. in a variety of assignments relating to Furniture Management, Relocation Management and Owner’s Representation.